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Scott Brinkmeyer

Hi there!

Scott Brinkmeyer



Cypress, TX


(281) 610-5452

My Specialties

Disney Destinations, Universal Orlando

About me

Hi there! I thought I'd start my page off by sharing a little about myself and my passion for ALL things Disney.

First, the basics:

• Favorite Park - Magic Kingdom

• Favorite Attraction - Carousel of Progress

• Favorite Snack - Mickey Premium Bar

• Favorite Restaurant - Chef Mickey's, Breakfast Buffet

• Favorite Hotel - Port Orleans - French Quarter

My all-time FAVORITE is experiencing all of it with my beautiful family. This October I'll be celebrating 22 years with my high school sweetheart, Beverly. Our Disney-loving ginger daughters are joining us along the way, 'Big Red,' age 17, and 'Wild Red,' age 10. I love the smiles that come across my family's faces when we hear a Disney song or catch a Disney commercial on tv. That "can we go back" look in everyone's eyes is priceless.

For me, Disney has always been a place to suspend reality and forget about the day-to-day all of us are dealing with. I credit Disney for keeping me young at heart and igniting a passion for creativity at an early age. So much so that this December I'll celebrate 22 years in the marketing and creative industry.

During the pandemic, I had plenty of time at home to rethink my five-year plan. I realized how precious time with my family is and how much of it was left before my children moved out on their own. As a result, I resigned from my creative director position to make them my priority. This change has also given me the time to follow up on a long-time dream of mine...Disney trip planning.

In 2021 I joined The Vacation Wizards Team so I could help other families create their own Disney memories. That's the real magic of Disney...the cherished memories that you create while there.

Get in touch

Have a question? I would love to hear from you! Please fill out the contact form, and I will respond as soon as possible!

Thank you for your message. I will be in touch ASAP!

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