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Which Adventure Will You Choose?

Movie lover? Puzzle solver? Adventure chaser? None of the above?

Have you tried with Universal Studio's Great Movie Escape?

Universal launched this interactive addition to it’s vacation offerings December 9th, 2022. They have this placed in CityWalk Orlando- right next to Anotojitos. A few margaritas before you play, maybe?

The venue hosts 2 game theme options- Jurassic World and Back to the Future.

If your adventure level is mentally interactive and a traditional puzzle game is your jam, you’ll

want to walk on the wild side with the prehistoric creatures of Jurassic World. This game is

located on the second level and is much more of the brain teasing type, with computer based

puzzles and genetic coding to solve. While the physical activity is low, be warned- the stress

level is high. There is a solid fear of a dino break in complete with loud noises, bright lights, etc.

My son loved the movies, but he was not the biggest fan of this version of the game. It may not

be suitable for children or those sensitive to loud noises and tight spaces (the walls never

actually close in, but the effects successfully feel that way).

If you would rather time travel than run from the historical giants you created, then the Back to

the Future option may be the right one for you. This was a winner with both my child and my parents

and is suitable for all ages and skill types. Like any good escape room, there is plenty of puzzle

solving, but you don’t need to be tech savvy to get back to the present. You will carry Doc’s

time circuit through a series of classic events from the trio of films in a race against Biff Tannen

to save the timeline.

We have tried it just about every way you can- as a couple on a date night, as a family with a 9 year old trying something new, and as a family with the grandparents along...and here’s the scoop- both sides aren’t perfect for everyone, but anyone can find entertainment out of one of the two available theme options.

When booking, you have the option to book a private game time for up to 8 people, or your smaller group can be combined with other travelers. Make sure you book ahead of time, as time slots can fill up fast and early. Pricing varies with the seasons just like the theme parks and resorts- you will find a higher price point on a Saturday evening during peak season. So, plan for what works best for you and if that’s peak time, expect the

higher associated cost.

The building itself is themed after the “golden age” of Hollywood- roughly the 1930s. You check in with the hosts behind the counter and wait for your turn to view the safety briefing video. There are tufted couches to relax in or you can grab a themed cocktail from the bar (like the non-alcoholic Hoverboard Highball or the boozy Raptor Bite). There are glass cases showcasing movie artifacts including Doc Brown’s lab coat and Owen Grady’s leather gear...lots of fun things to review before your game time!

Each game has a scoring scale dependent on how many puzzles you solve and how quickly

you make it through. The game guides assured us that (especially with Back to the Future),

there are so many versions of the game and puzzles that even if you did them both every day,

the likelihood of repeating games is incredibly slim.

So, what are you waiting for? Step into the movies and be the hero! This is the perfect way to step

away from the parks, stay immersed in the story and have an unforgettable interactive experience - with

bragging rights to take home with you.

PS- Our highest score so far is a 13/17 in Back to the Future- what’s yours?


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