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How does the Disability Access Pass (DAS) and Rider Swap work?

Roller coaster at Disney

Since Walt Disney World reopened in July 2020, FastPass+--a program that allows visitors to reserve access to select attractions--has been suspended. You may notice on your visit, however, that some people still use the FastPass+ attraction entrance. There are several reasons for this, but two of the reasons you may use this entrance are the Disability Access Pass (DAS) and Rider Swap.

The Disability Access Pass allows guests with disabilities and their party to receive a return time for attractions. Instead of waiting in the physical queue, guests return at the given time and enter in the FastPass+ line for the attraction. Guests are still waiting the allotted time, but are not physically standing in the line. As soon as one attraction has been experienced, guests may repeat this at a new attraction.

The goal of the DAS is to accommodate guests who may not be able to use the traditional queue. This includes non-apparent disabilities. Guests do not need to provide proof of disability. If you have any questions, ask your Vacation Wizard or visit Guest Services at any of the theme parks.

Rider Swap is another great attraction access point, focusing this time on families. Rider Swap is for families who have a child (or children) who does not meet the height requirement for a ride. With Rider Swap, the entire party visits a cast member at the ride entrance to begin. Adult 1 waits in line for an attraction in the standard queue, while adult 2 stays with the child. After adult 1 has ridden, adult 2 scans into the ride via the FastPass+ line. This way, everyone else in your party can ride without waiting twice.

Rider Swap and Disability Access terms are subject to change, so check with your Vacation Wizard for the most up-to-date policies.

The FastPass+ entrance is also used for VIP Tours. Stay tuned to our next newsletter for information on VIP Tours and what they can do to make your vacation magical!

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