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Paradise in St. Lucia by Amy Wallace

I recently visited Sandals Regency La Toc in St. Lucia, and, wow, what an unbelievable trip! From the moment I stepped off my transfer van and into the Sandals Club lounge and was handed my tropical welcome drink, my vacation had started! It was the easiest check in ever! The club lounge has drinks, snacks, and even a cappuccino machine. Then I was taken to my Sunset Bluff Penthouse suite with the most amazing view! La Toc is a beautiful resort with beach and mountains. Yes, it’s hilly but they

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Why Choose a Disney Cruise Line Vacation by Erin Sistar

I always get asked, “Why is a Disney Cruise so much money compared to other cruise lines?” My answer is “It doesn’t cost more, when you break it down.” When you are planning a cruise vacation, a lot more goes into it than just the final cost. With some cruise lines, the amount due on final payment day isn’t always your final total. The grass might look greener at first glance, but when your credit card statement comes the next month it’s almost the same amount as if you had taken that Disney shi

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Forgotten Disney Attractions by Brooke Todd

As the years roll on and attractions across the Walt Disney World Resort continually change and improve, some attractions always get forgotten or pushed to the side in the process. So, on this 50th anniversary year of the Magic Kingdom, I’d like to spotlight a few oldies, but goodies! The Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World’s first theme park, opened in 1971, and since that time rides have come in gone. Some recent rides that have faded into the background include the Astro Orbiter, Mickey’s Philh

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Erin’s List of Must Dos at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter by Erin Sistar

I am a huge Harry Potter fan, how about you?!!! We have a bookshelf at home full of the Potter books and other fun collectibles. September was the first time we got to see Hogsmeade up close at Universal Studios in Orlando. It was so amazing that we felt like we were really there standing in front of Hogwarts. The level of detail in every store, restaurant, ride, even in the bathrooms, where you can hear moaning Myrtle, is just truly unbelievable. So let’s pretend you only have one day to visit

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Returning to the Magic by Brooke Todd

I don’t know about you, but one thing I’m looking forward to as we move past the crazy year of 2020, is returning to something that sparks happiness! Disney World, the Happiest Place on Earth, is one thing that can bring that happiness alive in all of us! If you haven’t been in awhile - or even if you have - 2021 is going to provide much happiness and a return to the magic throughout the resort with new rides, more dining options, and even a celebration or two! In terms of rides, Hollywood Stu

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