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Lauren West

Hi there!

Lauren West



Carrollton, Georgia



My Specialties

Disney Destinations, Universal Theme Parks

About me

Hi! I am Lauren West! I reside in the peach state, Georgia! I was born and raised in Georgia. I have always been super active in church. My pawpaw was our pastor and my parents have held leadership roles in every avenue of the church so if the doors were open on the church, it was probably my family that unlocked them. I grew up with strong values and it contributes a lot on who I am today. I have my Bachelor's in Mass Communications with a concentration in Public Relations from the University of West Georgia, Go Wolves! I have my Master's in Strategic Communications from Regent University, Go Pat Robertson! (I'm not too sure what their mascot is, but Pat started the school as well as the 700 club, love him). I have worked as a wedding coordinator planning people's perfect day for 8 years. I worked for the Atlanta Braves on their game day staff, but unfortunately I had left my position before we made it to the World Series. I worked for the President's Office as an Event Coordinator at Kennesaw State University and transitioned to Admissions at Georgia Highlands College. After I had my first born, I took time off from work to obtain my Master's. I am now a Marketing Professor at Georgia Highlands College and their Volleyball Coach. I also make shirts and tumblers on the side if anyone if ever in need!
I am happily married, most days, to my husband of 7 years. We have been dating since we were 20, so it is like we have grown up together. We have two kids, Luke, 4, and Lily, 3. Luke is athletic, funny and wants to do everything the big kids do. Lily is girly, dramatic, tough and independent. They are my entire world and the reason my heart beats.
We are Disney people! We love to stay at Fort Wilderness, if you ever have questions about it, ask me! If I don't know, my momma sure does. She goes for the month of December every year. My favorite park is Magic Kingdom for the Magic of Disney. My favorite ride though is Toy Story Mania and I honestly think that's my favorite because of my little's boy face every time he rides. Goodness the magic in those eyes is the reason we'll max out every credit card to go! We love Disney cruises, as well as Carnival and Royal Caribbean.

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