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Meet Our Team

Agents in Alabama

Stacey Bearden

Stacey Bearden Agent Wilsonville, AL

Cammie Behel

Cammie Behel Agent Moundville, AL

Ashley Carson

Ashley Carson Agent Hoover, AL

Wendy Cornelius

Wendy Cornelius Agent Irvington, AL

Samantha Gaudreau

Samantha Gaudreau Agent Grand Bay, AL

Kelley Howell

Kelley Howell Agent Mentor Madison, AL

Meagan Imsand

Meagan Imsand Agent Madison, AL

Lindsay Muecke

Lindsay Muecke Agent Madison, AL

Monica Nicholas

Monica Nicholas Agent Mobile, AL

Randy Pierce

Randy Pierce Agency Owner Mobile, AL

Cheryl Stewart

Cheryl Stewart Director of Operations Mobile, AL

Heather Swearingen

Heather Swearingen Agent Semmes, AL

Agents in Arkansas

Mary Cuzzort

Mary Cuzzort Agent Cave City,

Agents in Florida

Jennifer Graber

Jennifer Graber Agent Milton, FL

Megan Jones

Megan Jones Agent Crestview, FL

Agents in Georgia

Misti Freeman

Misti Freeman Agent Mentor Rockmart, GA

Cathy Haggard

Cathy Haggard Agent Athens, GA

Shelia Mullins

Shelia Mullins Agent Rocky Face, GA

Erin Sistar

Erin Sistar Agent-Consumer Media Coordinator Cumming, GA

Randy Weiss

Randy Weiss Agent Canton, GA

Tag West

Tag West Agent Springfield, GA

Agents in Illinois

Sarah Keen

Sarah Keen Agent Burbank, IL

Vicky Lewis

Vicky Lewis Agent Wonder Lake, IL

Gail Osborne

Gail Osborne Agent Forsyth, IL

Kelly Ryan

Kelly Ryan Agent Bartlett, IL

Agents in Indiana

Amanda Henke

Amanda Henke Agent Jasper, IN

Brooke Recktenwall

Brooke Recktenwall Agent Ogden Dunes, IN

Agents in Kentucky

Julie Estep

Julie Estep Agent Erlanger KY,

Agents in Louisiana

Annette Becnel

Annette Becnel Agent Reserve, LA

Patti Medine

Patti Medine Agent Pierre Part, LA

Lauren Morlier

Lauren Morlier Agent Gonzales, LA

Stephanie Plescia

Stephanie Plescia Marketing Manager , LA

Brooke Todd

Brooke Todd Agent Prairieville, LA

Agents in Michigan

Leslie Lorenz

Leslie Lorenz Agent Clinton Township, MI

Agents in Mississippi

Ashton Glover

Ashton Glover Luka, MS

Casey Graves

Casey Graves Agent Clinton, MS

Shelby Gray

Shelby Gray Agent Hattiesburg, MS

Ashley Patterson

Ashley Patterson Consultant Sumrall, MS

Jennifer Waltman

Jennifer Waltman Agent Moss Point, MS

Jennifer Wilder

Jennifer Wilder Agent Moss Point, MS

Agents in Missouri

Robin Carroll

Robin Carroll Agent Kansas City, MO

Anna Spyers

Anna Spyers Agent Bates City, MO

Agents in New Jersey

April Belifore

April Belifore Agent Jackson,

Agents in New York

Yaslin Ortiz

Yaslin Ortiz Agent Fairport,

Agents in North Carolina

Melissa Fazio

Melissa Fazio Agent Charlotte, NC

Kristin Hahn

Kristin Hahn Agent Stanley, NC

Agents in Ohio

Samantha McHugh

Samantha McHugh Agent Seville,

Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith Agent Grove City,

Agents in South Carolinia

April Alexander

April Alexander Travel Consultant Ninty Six SC,

Nancy McKelley

Nancy McKelley Agent Greenwood,

Tracy Phillips

Tracy Phillips Travel Counselor Greenwood SC,

Emily Prange

Emily Prange Agent Bluffton,

Agents in Tennessee

Elise Berg

Elise Berg Agent Murfreesboro, TN

Desiree Colon

Desiree Colon Agent Cleveland, TN

Ashley Davis

Ashley Davis Agent Murfreesboro, TN

Kayla Jean

Kayla Jean Agent Fayetteville, TN

Taylor McKinney

Taylor McKinney Agent Memphis, TN

Morgan Murphy

Morgan Murphy Agent Murfreesboro, TN

Tiffany Raper

Tiffany Raper Agent Murfreesboro, TN

Kacey Troup

Kacey Troup Agent Christiana, TN

Amy Wallace

Amy Wallace Agent Mentor Brentwood, TN

Agents in Texas

Scott Brinkmeyer

Scott Brinkmeyer Agent Cypress, TX

Laura Carter

Laura Carter Agent Houston, TX

Tabitha Cook

Tabitha Cook Agent Argyle, TX

Stephanie Holstead

Stephanie Holstead Agent Houston, TX

Amanda Smith

Amanda Smith Agent Harleton, TX

Heather Wren

Heather Wren Agent Houston, TX

Agents in Virginia

Ashley Carasella

Ashley Carasella Agent Altavista, VA

Jon Cornett-McKee

Jon Cornett-McKee Agent Roanoke, VA

Nicole Keefe

Nicole Keefe Agents South Chesterfield, VA

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